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Frequently Asked Questions


How does 360° and 3D Spin Imagery work?

360° and 3D Spin Imagery is similar to the art of virtual reality. Multiple high-resolution images are taken in a 360-degree rotation and then then stitched together with software to create a complete virtual reality experience for the viewer.

Do you use professional studio equipment?

JBV 360 uses specialized photography studio equipment to create shadow-free and transparent 3D/360° degree presentations of products, including:

  • customized lightning
  • a transparent turntable
  • built in white background
  • Canon DSLR camera with multiple lenses
  • a unique arc stand with automated movement of the camera carriage and light source

The photography studio robot has full synchronization and automation of the transparent turntable, carriage and optimal light source.

All images are quality controlled with ColorChecker Photo Targets to ensure predictable results under every lighting condition. It is very important with product photography to achieve true-to-life color with consistency and accuracy.

What can 360° & 3D Spin Imagery be viewed on?

Websites, mobile devices, and kiosks.

What Web/ Content Management System (CMS) are supported?

The HTML5 output format allows you to create object 360’s for use with websites and for mobile devices, like the iPhone, which do not support Adobe Flash. Package formats are also available for CMS web sites including WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

How is 360° & 3D imagery embedded into my website?

There are a couple of ways you can do this.

1. You Host locally or on your servers – we will provide the HTML 5 files or plugin files for WordPress, Droopla, and Joomla and load them into your website and call the files via an iframe.

2. We Host on our streaming servers – we will provide you with a URL link specific to each 360° & 3D Spin Imagery that you just copy and paste into your website, similar to embedding a YouTube video.



Pricing is based on several variables including the number, type, size and weight of products. You then have a choice of or combination of additional features, including:Dynamic Hotspot, Info Hotspots and View States. For more information please Contact Us at your convenience.

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